Wisbech & Fenland Museum Re-Roofing and Refurbishment

The fascinating refurbishment journey of the Wisbech & Fenland Museum, a Grade II listed building. The ambitious project encompassed a comprehensive re-roofing initiative, including slate and leadwork bays, as well as the restoration of windows, masonry repairs, and replacement of existing rooflights. Notably, the restoration process was conducted with utmost care, considering the presence of valuable historical artefacts within the museum. This success story highlights the seamless coordination and communication between Brown and Ralph, The Museum, and the local residents of Wisbech.

The Challenge:
Revitalising a heritage structure like the Wisbech & Fenland Museum presented its own set of challenges. The team faced the delicate task of preserving the building’s historical charm while addressing critical issues. The museum’s collection of precious artefacts demanded extreme caution and a meticulous approach to prevent any damage during the refurbishment.

Building Refurbishment and Roofing:
The core of the project centred around a complete re-roofing process. Impeccable craftsmanship was employed to restore both the slate and leadwork bays to their former glory. By blending traditional techniques with modern expertise, the result was a breathtaking roof that mirrored the original design while ensuring superior durability.

Window Restoration:
Intricate window restoration was vital in bringing back the museum’s architectural splendour. Painstaking efforts were undertaken to revive the windows’ original design, allowing natural light to grace the interior and enhance the visitors’ experience. The restoration team’s dedication to preserving historical authenticity ensured the windows now stand as exquisite as they did in their prime.

Masonry Repairs:
The façade of the Wisbech & Fenland Museum had weathered the test of time, but not without some signs of wear and tear. Skilful masonry repairs were conducted to restore the grandeur of the building’s exterior. The team meticulously repaired and refurbished the masonry, resulting in a structure that looked as impressive as it did when it was first erected.

Replacing Rooflights:
To complement the re-roofing efforts, the project involved replacing existing rooflights with state-of-the-art alternatives. This enhancement not only elevated the museum’s aesthetic appeal but also improved energy efficiency and interior illumination, providing a modern touch to this timeless masterpiece.

Preserving History During the Works:
The success of the refurbishment can be attributed to the excellent collaboration between the project team and Wisbech & Fenland Museum. With a profound understanding of the museum’s historical significance, the team meticulously planned and executed the project, ensuring the safety and protection of the invaluable artefacts throughout the process.

The Outcome:
Today, both Brown and Ralph, The Museum, and the local residents of Wisbech share in the delight of witnessing their cherished landmark restored to its former glory. The Wisbech & Fenland Museum stands as a testament to the expertise and commitment of all involved.

The Wisbech & Fenland Museum showcases a harmonious fusion of heritage preservation and modern restoration practices. The project exemplifies the perfect marriage of building refurbishment, window restoration, masonry repairs, and careful planning – an achievement that will be cherished for generations to come.


  • Wisbech & Fenland Museum


  • Ruth Brennan Architects


  • Historic England