Southern Lodge Restoration at Wimpole Estate

As a trusted partner of the National Trust, Brown and Ralph undertook an exciting project involving the restoration and refurbishment of a property at Wimpole Estate in Cambridge. Our expertise in building restoration allowed us to manufacture and install a set of six windows that perfectly complemented the estate’s historic character.

The original windows had unfortunately been replaced with unsuitable alternatives in the past. To ensure authenticity, we meticulously replicated section profiles from other windows on the estate for the manufacturing process. Although the new windows weren’t exact facsimiles of the originals, we prioritised the property’s domestic habitation needs by incorporating slimline ‘heritage’ double-glazed units. This modern approach provided the advantages of double glazing while preserving the ripples and imperfections found in traditional cylinder glass.

To achieve a seamless integration, the frames were skillfully finished against the brick reveals using ‘Burnt Sand Mastic.’ This traditional method of sealing involved a careful mixture of fine-dried sands, natural oils, and driers. The result was a visually pleasing and durable finish that paid homage to the property’s historical context.

In addition to the window restoration, our dedicated team also addressed other elements of the property’s exterior. We replaced sections of the ornate bargeboard that had succumbed to the ravages of time. Our craftsmen meticulously hand-carved replacements to match the original design, ensuring a harmonious blend of old and new.

At Brown and Ralph, we take pride in our commitment to preserving and restoring architectural heritage. The Wimpole Estate project showcases our meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, resulting in a successful restoration that honours the property’s rich history.

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