Southern Lodge, Wimpole Estate

The National Trust tasked Brown and Ralph to manufacture and install a set of 6 windows to one of its properties on the Wimpole Estate.

Unfortunatley the original windows had been removed at some point in the past and replaced with inappropriate items. Brown and Ralph were able to take section profiles from other windows on the estate for replacements to be manufactured.

However, the new windows weren’t exact facsimiles of the originals; as the property is used for domestic habitation, slimline ‘heritage’ double glazed units were employed giving the benefits of double glazing whilst providing the ripples and imperfections of traditional cylinder glass

The frames were finished against the brick reveals with ‘Burnt Sand Mastic’ – a traditional method of sealing using fine dried sands mixed with natural oils and driers.

Whilst the access was in place, Brown and Ralph also replaced lengths of the ornate bargeboard that had succumbed to the ravages of age with hand carved replacements to match the original.


  • The National Trust


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