St Marys Church Tadlow – Building Restoration and Stonework Reconstruction

Through six months of unwavering dedication, Brown and Ralph showcased their expertise in building restoration, stonework reconstruction, lime plastering, stonemasonry, and carpentry. This project, completed on behalf of Friends of Friendless Churches, stands as a testament to our profound knowledge and commitment to the restoration industry.

Building Restoration and Stonework Reconstruction:
The heart of the project centred around major stonework reconstructions, focusing on the exquisite tracery windows. The meticulous dismantling and rebuilding of significant buttresses on piled foundations posed unique challenges, expertly overcome by employing diverse stone sources. Our team’s dedication to historical accuracy brought the stained glass windows back to their former glory.

Reviving the Nave:
The nave ceiling saw a near-complete replacement with lime plaster, meticulously applied to ensure historical integrity and longevity. As part of our comprehensive approach, 75 roof tiles were replaced or re-laid, preserving the church’s structural integrity.

Preserving the Tower:
With equal care, the Tower roof underwent re-leading, safeguarding its timeless beauty. The weathervane, a cherished symbol of history, received expert repair, gilding, and a new lease of life, adding to the overall splendour of the structure.

Crafting a Safe Usable Space:
Our commitment to ensuring a safe and usable church space extended to other carpentry works. Meticulous craftsmanship ensured that every detail contributed to the church’s revival as a cherished community space.

The St Mary’s Church restoration project stands as a testament to the skilful art of building restoration, stonemasonry, and carpentry.


  • Friends of Friendless Churches


  • RHP


  • £500K