Church Restoration in Cambridge: Re-roofing and Masonry Repairs at St Mary’s Church, Whaddon, Cambridgeshire

We take immense pride in sharing the successful completion of our recent church restoration project at St Mary’s Church in the picturesque village of Whaddon, Cambridgeshire. The historic church encountered a distressing situation when its cherished lead roof was stolen, leading to extensive water damage on the timber roof members.

Determined to restore the church to its former glory, we embarked on a comprehensive restoration plan. The first step involved employing a specialist resin repair system to treat the damaged timber roof members. Careful attention was paid to piecing in new timber into areas affected by rot and irreparable damage, ensuring the structural integrity of the roof (refer to images).

To safeguard the church from future incidents and to blend aesthetics with durability, we opted for a brand-new stainless steel roof and gutters. This choice not only enhances the church’s appearance but also ensures longevity and minimal maintenance requirements, allowing it to stand tall against the test of time.

As part of the restoration process, we dedicated ourselves to addressing various masonry issues that had developed over the years. Our skilled craftsmen expertly performed meticulous brickwork repairs, reviving the church’s exterior with precision and care. Additionally, our specialist team performed impeccable repointing, giving the walls renewed strength and resilience against weathering and external elements.

Stonework, an integral part of St Mary’s Church’s architectural charm, was diligently restored to maintain the authenticity and historical significance of the site. Preserving the essence of the church’s heritage.

We take immense pride in completing the entire restoration project within the agreed timeline. Both the Church and Architect were overjoyed with the exceptional final results. The transformation from a roofless and weathered state to a beautifully rejuvenated church serves as a testament to our dedication to quality craftsmanship and the preservation of historical landmarks.


  • Archangel Architects