Knebworth House

This project was the sixth phase of ongoing works to restore the external façades of this important building.

Our works involved extensive designed access scaffolding with a temporary roof replacement of pre-cast elements which included rebuilding the parapet from string course upwards, roof replacement in natural Welsh slate, lead gutter remodelling and replacement, restoration to two copper cupolas which included new copper and new weather vanes, new hand carved beasts in natural stone, re-render works using lime render with struck ashlar lines.

The project took around eight months to complete, this included design for the pre-cast and copper elements and manufacture periods.

The final result is amazing and true testament of classic restoration, with the works blending in perfectly with the original materials and shows off all of our skills perfectly.


  • Knebworth House Education and Presevation Trust


  • Donald Insall Architects


  • £478,000