Bourn Hall Laundry and Chapel Flat

Brief description of works:

Over the past 10 years we have completed a number of projects at Bourn Hall, Cambridgeshire. These have ranged from a full lead roof replacement to the main hall with major brickworks including completely rebuilding one of the magnificent decorative brick chimneys, to smaller projects, including joinery, brickwork, paving, stonework and conservation repairs on the many buildings on this site.

The current project is divided into two phases. Phase one involves joinery repairs, internal works and repairs to the Laundry Room and external drainage alterations.

Phase two works include extensive brick repairs and high level repointing.

The phasing is sympathetic to climatic conditions, with consideration being given to the correct carbonisation of the lime mortar being used.

The works are being carried out whilst the Clinic remains fully operational following careful planning and liaising with the staff.


  • Bourn Hall


  • Purcell Miller Triton


  • £68,000